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Chaplain Hector’s Story

May 4, 2021

Chaplain Hector’s Story

During the pandemic our first responders and healthcare workers have been sacrificing so much to ensure our health and safety. A big factor for their continued strength and resilience is the support that they receive from their peers. However, Chaplains have been working with first responders and healthcare workers side by side pre pandemic and throughout COVID-19. Chaplain Hector Ferrer is one of the many NJ Police Chaplains that have been supporting our first responder during times of Crisis. When asked about Chaplain Ferrer’s calling to Chaplaincy, he responded, “I am a Hispanic, single father to my 23 year old son who has special needs. Being a single father is the most important role I have ever played. It is the foundation that has allowed me to serve with a new level of love, compassion, faith, patience, and dedication.”

Chaplain Hector goes on to explain how his son has inspired his Chaplaincy work, “Being my son’s main caretaker has motivated me to become an advocate for the defenseless and innocent.” This mentality has lead Chaplain Hector to continue to provide hope, especially during the times of COVID-19. Chaplain Hector goes on to explain, “I know what it’s like to ask for help. I have experienced times when I had to lean on other Chaplains and their support helped me build resilience.” Due to Chaplain Hector’s own negative experiences in the past, he has learned the importance of fostering resilience and continues to allow that to motivate his own service to others.

Chaplain Hector allowed his resilience to shine in the beginning of COVID by applying the inspirations, modalities, and friendships he received from the NJ State Police under Colonel Patrick J. Callahan to the current situation of the pandemic when he began to realize, “How can I care for others when I can’t care for myself?” Chaplain Hector’s training lead him to also realize the importance of taking care of his own wellbeing, “During the pandemic, I learned that I had to allow myself not to seek out balance through my own self care.” Establishing his faith and a strong support system soon became two important pillars in Chaplain Hector’s routine, “I ensured that I had daily prayer time and bible study. I also made an effort to be aware of the support I had from friends, family, church, and colleagues.” By bringing awareness to the supports in his own life, Chaplain Hector was able to seek out help when needed, “I recognized I don’t need to suffer in silence.”

Similar to Chaplain Hector, I hope that you know you do not have to suffer in silence. The RISE Team is here for you. The RISE Team is available at 833-237-4325, 7 days a week from 8am-8pm. You are not alone, let’s rise together!